"Life is a storybook. It ends when you pass away."
It's one of my favorite designs. Created entirely in Photoshop. Took me two hours to complete.
This one was tough to create! I created this image in my early stages as a graphic designer. This was created in Photoshop. It took me two hours to complete.
My homie ATL native and hip hop artist Cellus Hamilton! This transparent effect is my favorite! This was created in Photoshop.
I took a photo of these trees at Central Park, then edited it on Photoshop Express on my iPhone. I added a filter (forgot the name of it) and then played around with the lighting, until I got this result. The picture was also taked with my iPhone. I loved the result of everything! I wanted to add a boarder to make it look like a picture you would hang in your living room :)
A picture a friend of mine took. I "borrowed" his image and added some edits of my own. I made it look like a drawing, I aded the fruits on the tree and added awesome boarders. All done in photoshop. This was fun to do!
My latest illustration is named "Welcome to...". with featured designs by Mecca Alim (check out her website www.meccaalim.com). This art piece is basically about a person on a journey to (insert your story here). When that person gets there, it's almost like a welcome, like you know you were meant to be there. I enjoyed creating this alongside Mecca! She's an originator and has a great mind and great designs!
I was feeling nostaglic when I created this. Wanted to give it a classic retro feel. That was the year I was born. Do the math and guess how old am I :) Created in photoshop.
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